Dr. C. Margaret Scarry

Director, Research Labs of Archaeology; Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, paleoethnobotany, subsistence economies, foodways, complex societies, North America, Greek Aegean

Alumni Hall 108
(919) 962-6574

Dr. R. P. Stephen Davis

Associate Director, Research Labs of Archaeology; Adjunct Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, quantitative methods, computer applications, ceramic analysis, settlement systems, contact period, Southeastern United States

Alumni Hall 101
(919) 962-3845

Dr. Heather A. Lapham

Research Archaeologist, Research Labs of Archaeology

Archaeology, zooarchaeology, historic deer skin trade, culture contact, urban animal economies, southeastern United States, southern Mexico

Alumni Hall 107B
(919) 962-3843

Lisa-Jean Michienzi

Administrative Manager, Research Labs of Archaeology

Alumni Hall 108
(919) 962-6574

Dr. Gabrielle Vail

Program Director, InHerit

Archaeology and ethnohistory, cultural astronomy, Maya codices, cultural heritage, social identity, textile technologies, Mesoamerica, Andes

Alumni Hall 211B

(919) 962-0524