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ANTH64 Public Archaeology in Bronzeville
ANTH123 Habitat and Humanity
ANTH149 Great Discoveries in Archaeology
ANTH151 Food and Culture
ANTH232 Ancestral Maya
ANTH250 North American Archaeology
ANTH252 Archaeology of Food
ANTH291 Archaeological Theory
ANTH411 Archaeological Lab Methods
ANTH454 Archaeology of African Diasporas
CLAR 120 Ancient Cities
CLAR 242 Archaeology of Egypt
CLAR 244 Greek Archaeology
CLAR 268 Hellenistic Art and Archaeology
CLAR 462 CLassic Greek Sculpture
CLAR 782 Early Iron Age Aegean
LING 458 Writing Systems: Past, Present, Future, Fictional
LING 202 Language Variation and Change
RELI 205 Sacrifice in the Ancient World