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ANTH 123 Habitat and Humanity
ANTH 145 Introduction to World Prehistory
ANTH 148 Human Origins
ANTH 149 Great Discoveries in Archaeology
ANTH 232 Ancestral Maya Civilizations
ANTH 252 Archaeology of Food
ANTH 291 Archaeological Theory and Practice
ANTH 411 Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 413 & 413L Laboratory Methods: Archaeobotany and Lab
ANTH 414 & 414L Laboratory Methods: Human Osteology and Lab
ANTH 490 Household Archaeology
ANTH 457 Perspectives in Historical Archaeology
CLAR 120 Ancient Cities
CLAR 242 Archaeology of Egypt
CLAR 244 Greek Archaeology
CLAR 245 Archaeology of Italy
CLAR 476 Roman Painting