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ANTH 60 Crisis & Resilience: Past and Future of Human Societies
ANTH 121 Ancient Cities of the Americas
ANTH 143 Human Evolution and Adaptation
ANTH 149 Great Discoveries in Archaeology
ANTH 222 Prehistoric Art
ANTH 231 Archaeology of South America
ANTH 250 Archaeology of North America
ANTH 410 The Identification and Analysis of Historical Artifacts
ANTH 416 Bioarchaeology
ANTH 425 Public Archaeology Practicum
ANTH 538 Disease and Discrimination in Colonial Atlantic America
ANTH 551 Origins of Agriculture in the Ancient World
ANTH 674 Issues in Cultural Heritage
ARTH/CLAR 464 Greek Architecture
ARTH/CLAR 465 Architecture of Etruria and Rome
CLAR/JWST/RELI 110 The Archaeology of Palestine in the New Testament Period
CLAR 120 Ancient Cities
CLAR 190 Special Topics in Classical Archaeology
CLAR 247 Roman Archaeology
CLAR 411 Archaeological Field Methods
LING 561 Native Languages of the Americas