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Logic of Archaeological Inference:

ANTH 220 Principles of Archaeology

Archaeological Practice:

ANTH415 &415L Laboratory Methods: Zooarchaeology & Lab
ANTH416 Bioarchaeology
ANTH418 &418L Laboratory Methods: Ceramic Analysis & Lab

Comparative Perspectives:

ANTH 121 Ancient Cities of the Americas
ANTH 222 Prehistoric Art
CLAR 120 Ancient Cities

Plus electives such as:

ANTH 54 Indians New Worlds
ANTH 231 Archaeology of South America
ANTH 250 Archaeology of North America
ANTH 421 Archaeological Geology
ANTH 535 Archaeology of Health
ANTH 674 Issues in Cultural Heritage
CLAR 200 Art and Fashion: Rome to Timbuktu
CLAR 247 Roman Archaeology
CLAR 480 Egypt after the Pharaohs
REL/CLAR 110 New Testament Archaeology