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In this course we explore scientific evidence for the evolution of primates, primarily focused on humans, with an emphasis on biology and behavior. To aid in our discussion of the principles and evidence for evolution, in your recitations you will examine comparative data from mammals, other non-human primates, and fossils. There are currently two corresponding online recitations: a) Primate and Human Morphology and b) Fossil Hominins.

Each recitation is split into separate stations; for each station you will examine 3D models and fill out corresponding information on the asociated worksheet. In order to receive credit for the recitation, make sure you turn your worksheet in to your TA. Links to the recitation pages and worksheets are below.

Recitation 3

Primate and Human Morphology

Primates Worksheet

Recitation 5

Fossil Hominins (development in progress, 3/4/2021)

Hominins Worksheet


Many thanks to Ashley Peles, a graduate student in archaeology and prior Teaching Assistant for Human Origins, for developing an earlier version of this website. The two worksheets were developed and refined by many different Teaching Assistants.