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ANTH 148: Human Origins

In order to understand the evolution of humans and other hominin species, paleoanthropologists carefully examine the similarities and differences between excavated fossils. To help you understand this process and see the connection between fossils and evolutionary traits, we are asking you to compare 3d models of a number of important hominin fossil skulls. Make sure that you download the recitation sheet and fill it in to receive credit for this recitation activity.

This activity is split into 5 parts- each is located on a separate page accessible below.

Station 1. Australopithecines

Station 2. Early Homo and Early Tools

Station 3. Homo erectus

Station 4. Archaic Homo sapiens

Viewing the hominin skulls is done through Sketchfab viewers on each page – we have attempted to group skulls together so that you can look at the same feature on multiple skulls at one time in order to compare. An example model is located below. Once a model is loaded, you can left-click and drag to spin the model in any direction you want. Models can be resized using the pinch feature on the touch pad. If you want to expand the viewer to fullscreen, you can click the diagonal arrow button in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen. To exit this view, click on the same button again. If you would like to view any of the models directly in Sketchfab, you can do so by clicking on the object label in the upper left.

Homo sapiens cranium (2501.1rp35)


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