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Past recipients of the Timothy P. Mooney Fellowship to support dissertation research include the following individuals:


Emily Lime (Classics) – After the Earthquake: Strategies of Remediation in Pompeian Gardens (62-79 CE)


Amanda Ball (Classics) • Identity Formation in Sacred Contexts of Aegean Thrace


Madelaine Azar (Anthropology) • This World, that World, and the Pots that Bind Them: Pottery, Politics, and Religion in the Central Mississippi River Valley, AD 1350-1550
Theo Kassebaum (Anthropology) • Cultic Space and Animal Health at Iron Age Tel Abel Beth Maacah
Bryanna Lloyd (Classics) • Architectural Miniatures from Geometric and Archaic Greece
Andrea Zurek-Ost (Anthropology) • Transience, Burial, and Identity in the Basque Country: Bioarchaeological Investigations of the Silo of Charlemagne Cemetery at Roncesvalles
Sierra Roark (Anthropology) • Green Gold: Knowledge, Power, and Plant-Use in the Chesapeake, ca. 1500-1800


Stephanie Berger (Anthropology) • The Role of Developmental Plasticity and Immune Function in Shaping Health Disparities in Pre-Columbian Panama
Colleen Betti (Anthropology) • “Go Ahead and Erect the Buildings Themselves:” An Archaeological Study of Three Black Schools in Gloucester County, Virginia

Melanie Godsey (Classics) • The Aegean Under the Ptolemies: Assemblages and Practice of Hellenistic Imperialism
Sarah Hilker (Classics) • From Houses to Settlements: A Consideration of Mycenaean Social Structure


Bradley Erickson (Religious Studies) • Ancient Synagogue Zodiac Panel Modeling Project
Katelin McCullough (Classics) • Women in Roman Crete and Cyrenaica: Female Representation in the Civic and Religious Spaces of the Eastern Mediterranean
Katie Tardio (Classics) • Roman Conquest and Changes in Animal Economy in the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula

Catherine Judson (Classics) • Protogeometric and Geometric Crete, a Study of Settlement Development on the Island of Crete During the Early Iron Age
Gabrielle Purcell (Anthropology) • An Analysis of Cherokee Foodways during European Colonization Public Deposited

Cicek Beeby (Classics) • Spatial Narratives of Mortuary Landscapes in Early Iron Age Greece
Maia Dedrick (Anthropology) • Use of Rejolladas for Staple Crop Production
Sophia Dent (Anthropology) • The Applications of Dental Calculus for Dietary Reconstruction
Daniel Schindler (Religious Studies) • Late Roman and Byzantine Galilee: A Provincial Case-Study from the Perspective of Imported and Common Pottery

Ashley Peles (Anthropology) • How to Make a Meal: Labor and Living in the Late Woodland Southeast
Anna Semon (Anthropology) • Late Mississippian Ceramic Production and Circulation on St. Catherines Island, Georgia

Elizabeth Berger (Anthropology, PhD 2017) • Bioarchaeology of Adaptation to Climate Change in Ancient Northwest China
David Cranford (Anthropology) • Catawba Household Variation in the Late 18th Century
Claire Novotny (Anthropology, PhD 2015) • Social Identity Across Landscape: Ancient Lives and Modern Heritage in a Q’eqchi’ Maya Village

Sara Juengst (Anthropology, PhD 2015) • Community and Ritual on the Copacabana Peninsula (800 BC-AD 200)
Mary Margaret Morgan-Smith (Anthropology) • Legal Documents and Life Events: Interpreting Place Abandonment Through Historical Archival Evidence of Rancho Kiuic, Yucatán, México
Marissa Wojcinski (Anthropology) • Bioarchaeology in Croatia: Health and Nutrition at the Time of the Plague Epidemic of 1348-1349
Rebecca Worsham (Classics, PhD 2014) • Discontinuous Settlement Structures and Social Organization in Late Early Helladic and Middle Helladic Greece

Lindsay Bloch (Anthropology, PhD 2015) • Made in America? Ceramics, Credit, and Exchange on Chesapeake Plantations
Mary Beth Fitts (Anthropology, PhD 2015) • Defending and Provisioning the Catawba Nation: An Archaeology of the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Communities at Nation Ford

Emily Cubbon Ditto (Anthropology, PhD 2017) • Cosmological Caches: Organization and Power at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, A.D. 850-1150
Erin Galligan (Classics, PhD 2013) • From Tholos to Palace: Individual and Corporate Identity in Prepalatial Burials and Seal Iconography
Erin Stevens Nelson (Anthropology, PhD 2016) • Community Identity in the Late Prehistoric Yazoo Basin: The Archaeology of Parchman Place, Coahoma County, Mississippi

Duane Esarey (Anthropology, PhD 2013) • Another Kind of Beads: A Forgotten Industry of the North American Colonial Period
Megan Kassabaum (Anthropology, PhD 2014) • Feasting and Communal Ritual in the Lower Mississippi Valley, AD 700–1000
Charles Heath (Anthropology) • Material Life in a Shatterzone: An Inter-Site Study of Shatterzone Processes in the Carolinas, ca. 1665-1715
Daniel Moore (Classics, PhD 2011) • Earthen Architecture and Technological Change at Poggio Civitate
Ben Shields (Anthropology) • Hunter-Gatherer Negotiations of Identity and Mortuary Ritual in Northern Alabama

Sara Becker (Anthropology, PhD 2013) • Labor and the Rise of the Tiwanaku State, AD 500-1100: A Bioarchaeological Study of Activity Patterns
Elizabeth Greene (Classics, PhD 2011) • Women and Families in the Auxiliary Military Communities of the Roman West in the First and Second Centuries AD
Erik Johnannesson (Anthropology, PhD 2011) • Landscapes of Death, Monuments of Power: Mortuary Practice, Power, and Identity in Bronze-Iron Age Mongolia

Kristina Killgrove (Anthropology, PhD 2010) • Migration and Mobility in Imperial Rome
Kimberly Schaeffer (Anthropology, PhD 2011) • Prehistoric Subsistence on the Coast of North Carolina: An Archaeobotanical Study

Jennifer Ringberg (Anthropology, PhD 2012) • Daily Life at Cerro León, an Early Intermediate Period Highland Settlement in the Moche Valley, Peru

Theresa McReynolds Shebalin (Anthropology, PhD 2011) • Domestic Activities and Household Variation at Catawba New Town, ca. 1790-1820
John Pleasants (Anthropology, PhD 2009) • Huaca De Los Chinos: The Archaeology of a Formative Period Ceremonial Mound in the Moche Valley, Peru

Hilary Becker (Classics, PhD 2006) • Production, Consumption and Society in North Etruria During the Archaic and Classical Periods: The World of Lars Porsenna
Lance Greene (Anthropology, PhD 2009) • A Struggle for Cherokee Community: Excavating Identity in Post-Removal North Carolina

Edmond Anthony Boudreaux (Anthropology, PhD 2005) • The Archaeology of Town Creek: Chronology, Community Patterns, and Leadership at a Mississippian Town
Kandace Detwiler Hollenbach (Anthropology, PhD 2005) • Gathering in the Late Paleoindian and Early Archaic Periods in Northwest Alabama

Mintcy Maxham (Anthropology, PhD 2004) • Native Constructions of Landscapes in the Black Warrior Valley, Alabama, AD 1020-1520

Christopher Rodning (Anthropology, PhD 2004) • The Cherokee Town at Coweeta Creek

Elizabeth Jones (Anthropology, PhD 2006) • Surviving the Little Ice Age: Family Strategies in the Decade of the Great Famine of 1693-1694

Elizabeth Driscoll (Anthropology, PhD 2001) • Bioarchaeology, Mortuary Patterning, and Social Organization at Town Creek

Sara Bon (Anthropology, PhD 1999) • Common Wares: Approaches to a Gallo-Roman Ceramic Assemblage

Patricia M. Samford (Anthropology, PhD 2000) • Power Runs in Many Channels: Subfloor Pits and West African-Based Spiritual Traditions in Colonial Virginia

Jane M. Eastman (Anthropology, PhD 1999) • The Sara and Dan River Peoples: Siouan Communities in North Carolina’s Interior Piedmont from AD 1000 to AD 1700