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The Fellowship award to support dissertation research is made according to the following guidelines:

1. Each academic year at least one UNC-CH archaeology graduate student shall be chosen from a pool of applicants as the recipient of the Timothy P. Mooney Fellowship. (In recent years we have awarded up to three; View past recipients.)

2. The recipient shall be selected by a committee appointed by the Director of the Research Laboratories of Archaeology.

3. A student must apply for the award with the following materials: (1) a ONE-PAGE PROPOSAL that includes a project title, outlines the research question to be addressed, and states how the award’s stipend will aid in the student’s research leading to a doctoral degree; (2) a BUDGET indicating how the funds will be spent; and (3) a brief LETTER OF SUPPORT from the student’s advisor. Other things being equal, applicants who have completed all requirements for candidacy (ABD) will be given preference.

4. Selection criteria shall include, but need not be limited to the following: (a) the quality of the proposed research and (b) the student’s promise as a professional.

5. The term of the Fellowship shall coincide with the forthcoming fiscal year from July 1 through June 30.

6. Fellowship recipients shall be awarded a research stipend of $2,000, which may be used for any legitimate dissertation research expense, except as wages paid to the Fellow. Non-expendable equipment purchased with the award will be the property of the Research Laboratories of Archaeology. All expenditures from the Mooney Fund must conform to UNC policies and be approved by the Director.

7. The stipend may be used by the recipient throughout the course of the Fellowship year, and for up to a year thereafter. Subject to the availability of funds, and with the permission of the Director, expenditure of the stipend may also begin prior to the start of the Fellowship year.

Application Guidelines

The application DEADLINE is April 15 annually. (The award will be announced by May 15.)

To SUBMIT an application, please upload your (1) PROPOSAL and (2) BUDGET in PDF or Word format to this OneDrive folder. Faculty mentors may also upload their letters of support to this folder.

Please address questions to RLA Director Jon Marcoux (