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Students in the Curriculum in Archaeology undertake a wide range of interesting and innovative research projects, some of which result in Honors Theses. Here are some recent examples:


Rediscovering Tivoli. An Archaeological Investigation into William R. Davie’s Plantation Home (2020) Armstrong • Mary Armstrong

Tool Industries Of The European Paleolithic: Insights Into Hominid Evolution And Shifts In Archaeological Theory And Practice From The James B. Bullitt Collection • Sophie Joseph

Faithful unto Death: The Dog Burials of the Gaston Site in Halifax County, North Carolina • Mary Glenn Krause


Cerro Cumbray: A Chimú Frontier Outpost • Matthew Ballance

Evaluating The Utility Of Portable X-ray Fluorescence To The Discrimination Of Human Remains From Commingled Contexts • Abigail Gancz

An Investigation of Euroamerican Ceramic Use in the Catawba Nation, 1760-1820 • Christopher LaMack


The Enthroned Nude Female: An Exploration of Nabataean Domestic Religion Through a Terracotta Figurine • Emily Gray

Survey and Mapping of the Fred Graves Site: Laying the Groundwork for Understanding a Rural Non-Plantation-Based Southern Community • Joel King

Galindo in Volumes: Architectural Investment through Aerial Drone Maps at the Late Moche Site of Galindo, Peru • Brendon Murray
Deer Hunting at the Gaston Site • Bryan Towers


An Analysis of Early Mississippian Burials from Mound C at Ocmulgee, Georgia • Rachel Metcalf


Nutrition and Health in the Piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia: A Bioarchaeological Study • Carson Rouse
Analysis of Faunal Remains at the Wall Site in Hillsboro, NC • Ava Wells


Seeking Clarity in Postholes: An Examination of Coles Creek Earthfast Architecture • Isaac Warshauer


An Interpretation of the Sepphoris Synagougue Mosaics • Megan Hynek

Foodways in Transition: Plant Use and Community at the Wall (31Or11) and Jenrette (31Or231a) Sites, Hillsborough, North Carolina • Mallory A. Melton

The Fort of the Natchez • Brandon Prickett


A Study of Moundville Copper Gorgets • Jonathan J. Branch

Refining Point Types in Southwest Mississippi • Natalie DeMasi

Housed Within: A Museum Display Critique and Investigation of a Classic Maya Household at K’axob •  Anthony J. Meyer


Treponemal Infection in its Biosocial Context at Late Woodland Garbacon Creek, North Carolina • Amy Anderson

Fortaleza de Quirihuac: A Chimú Fortress in the Middle Moche Valley • Patrick James Mullins

An Ethnobotanical Analysis of Two Late Mississippian Period Sites in the Upper Yazoo Basin • Sarah E. Settle

Camp Coker Creek: Investigation of the Presence and Spatial Configuration of a Confederate Encampment within the Multicomponent 40Mr708 Archaeological Site • Andrius Valiunas


Geochemical Analysis of Catawba Ceramics • Rosanna Crow

The French Natchez Settlement According to the Memory of Dumont de Montigny • Melissa Litschi

Epiphyseal Union of the Seal Union of the Vertebral Rib Ends: A Comparison of Archaeological and Modern Populations • Caitlin Bonham Smith