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Undergraduate students in the Curriculum in Archaeology undertake a wide range of interesting and innovative research projects, some of which result in Honors Theses. Below are some recent examples. You may also be interested in viewing Master’s theses and Doctoral dissertations completed by graduate students in archaeology.


The Styles and Distributions of Chunkey Stones in the Eastern Woodlands • Aidan Paul


Rediscovering Tivoli. An Archaeological Investigation into William R. Davie’s Plantation Home • Mary Armstrong

Tool Industries Of The European Paleolithic: Insights Into Hominid Evolution And Shifts In Archaeological Theory And Practice From The James B. Bullitt Collection • Sophie Joseph

Faithful unto Death: The Dog Burials of the Gaston Site in Halifax County, North Carolina • Mary Glenn Krause


Cerro Cumbray: A Chimú Frontier Outpost • Matthew Ballance

Evaluating The Utility Of Portable X-ray Fluorescence To The Discrimination Of Human Remains From Commingled Contexts • Abigail Gancz

An Investigation of Euroamerican Ceramic Use in the Catawba Nation, 1760-1820 • Christopher LaMack


The Enthroned Nude Female: An Exploration of Nabataean Domestic Religion Through a Terracotta Figurine • Emily Gray

Survey and Mapping of the Fred Graves Site: Laying the Groundwork for Understanding a Rural Non-Plantation-Based Southern Community • Joel King

Galindo in Volumes: Architectural Investment through Aerial Drone Maps at the Late Moche Site of Galindo, Peru • Brendon Murray

Deer Hunting at the Gaston Site • Bryan Towers


An Analysis of Early Mississippian Burials from Mound C at Ocmulgee, Georgia • Rachel Metcalf


Nutrition and Health in the Piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia: A Bioarchaeological Study • Carson Rouse

Analysis of Faunal Remains at the Wall Site in Hillsboro, NC • Ava Wells


Seeking Clarity in Postholes: An Examination of Coles Creek Earthfast Architecture • Isaac Warshauer


An Interpretation of the Sepphoris Synagougue Mosaics • Megan Hynek

Foodways in Transition: Plant Use and Community at the Wall (31Or11) and Jenrette (31Or231a) Sites, Hillsborough, North Carolina • Mallory A. Melton

The Fort of the Natchez • Brandon Prickett


A Study of Moundville Copper Gorgets • Jonathan J. Branch

Refining Point Types in Southwest Mississippi • Natalie DeMasi

Housed Within: A Museum Display Critique and Investigation of a Classic Maya Household at K’axob •  Anthony J. Meyer


Treponemal Infection in its Biosocial Context at Late Woodland Garbacon Creek, North Carolina • Amy Anderson

Fortaleza de Quirihuac: A Chimú Fortress in the Middle Moche Valley • Patrick James Mullins

An Ethnobotanical Analysis of Two Late Mississippian Period Sites in the Upper Yazoo Basin • Sarah E. Settle

Camp Coker Creek: Investigation of the Presence and Spatial Configuration of a Confederate Encampment within the Multicomponent 40Mr708 Archaeological Site • Andrius Valiunas


Geochemical Analysis of Catawba Ceramics • Rosanna Crow

The French Natchez Settlement According to the Memory of Dumont de Montigny • Melissa Litschi

Epiphyseal Union of the Seal Union of the Vertebral Rib Ends: A Comparison of Archaeological and Modern Populations • Caitlin Bonham Smith