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Carole Crumley

Carole Crumley

Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Archaeology

Archaeology, historical ecology, historic climate change, GIS/remote sensing, Iron Age/Celtic Europe, Burgundy

Off campus

R. P. Stephen Davis

Associate Director Emeritus, Research Labs of Archaeology; Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Archaeology

Archaeology, quantitative methods, computer applications, ceramic analysis, settlement systems, contact period, southeastern United States

Off campus

Dale Hutchinson

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Archaeology

Biological Anthropology, bioarchaeology, human osteology, disease and nutrition, contact period, southeastern United States, Bolivia

Off campus

C. Margaret Scarry

Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, paleoethnobotany, subsistence economies, foodways, North America, Greek Aegean, complex societies

Off campus

Laurie Cameron Steponaitis

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, hunter-gatherers, settlement systems, coastal adaptations, eastern North America

Alumni Hall 109B
(919) 962-6574

Mary Sturgeon

Professor Emerita of Art History

Classical archaeology, Greek and Roman sculpture, Greek Painting, Greece, Italy

Off campus

Silvia Tomášková

Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Archaeology

Archaeology, method & theory, gender & science, lithic technology, prehistoric imagery, central & eastern Europe

Off campus