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Graduate students in archaeology have completed numerous Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations with support from the Research Laboratories of Archaeology. The extensive list, grouped by decade, can be found below. It is ordered by year starting with the most recent manuscripts and then by author’s last name. If a digital copy is unavailable please check Davis Library for a hard copy. You may also be interested in viewing undergraduate Honors Theses completed through the Curriculum in Archaeology.


2023 • “Go Ahead and Erect the Buildings Themselves:” An Archaeological Study of Three Black Schools in Gloucester County, Virginia • Colleen Betti (PhD)

2023 • The Social Implications of Ceramic Change: Mapping K’axob, Belize’s Networks of Shared Ceramic Practice • Kaitlyn Clingenpeel (MA)

2023 • Natchez Bluffs Cuisine and the Transition to Maize Agriculture (AD 750-1500) • Anna Graham (PhD)

2022 • An Analysis of Cherokee Foodways during European Colonization • Gabrielle Purcell (PhD)

2022 • Garden Hunting, Landscape Theory, and Food at the Range Site, IL • Joy Mersmann (MA)

2022 • How to Make a Meal: Late Woodland Gathering at the Feltus Mounds Site, AD 700-1100 • Ashley Peles

2021 • Trends in Dietary Composition, Immunostimulation, and Nutritional Deficiency in Piedmont North Carolina and Virginia, AD 800–1710 • Sophia C. Dent (PhD)

2021 • Exploring Pre-Columbian Health and Lifeways in the Greater Coclé Region, Panama • Stephanie Berger (PhD)

2020 • Making Heads or Tails: An Iconographic Analysis of Late Mississippian Rim-effigy Bowls in the Central Mississippi River Valley • Madelaine C. Azar (MA)

2020 • Oh Deer: Identifying Native Hunting Territories in the North Carolina Piedmont Using Strontium (87Sr/86Sr) Isotope Analysis • Christine A. Mikeska (MA)

2020 • An Archaeological Investigation of Late Prehistoric and Contact Period Plant Use in the North Carolina Piedmont • Sierra Snively Roark (MA)


2019 • Spatial Narratives of Mortuary Landscapes in Early Iron Age Greece • Cicek Beeby (PhD)

2019 • The Archaeology of Colonial Maya Livelihoods at Tahcabo, Yucatán, Mexico • Maia Dedrick (PhD)

2019 • Caciques and Community: Historical Maya Archaeology at Rancho Kiuic, Yucatán, México • Mary Margaret Morgan-Smith (PhD)

2019 • Archaeology for the People: Community-Based Research, Hands-On Education, and Their Place in Archaeology • Cailey D. Mullins (MA)

2019 • Late Mississippian Ceramic Production on St. Catherines Island, Georgia • Anna Mary Semon (PhD)

2018 • Catawba Household Variation in the Late Eighteenth Century • David J. Cranford (PhD)

2018 • Landscapes of Continuity, Landscapes of Change: A Study on Fuelwood Collection in the North Carolina Piedmont Before and During Contact • Anna Graham (MA)

2018 • Near and Deer: Variability in Animal Economies of the Late Woodland and Historic Piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia • Julia Longo (MA)

2017 • “They Gave the Children China Dolls”: Toys and Enslaved Childhoods on American Plantations • Colleen Betti (MA)

2017 • Cosmological Caches: Organization and Power at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, A.D. 850-1150 • Emily Ditto (PhD)

2016 • Community Identity in the Late Prehistoric Yazoo Basin: The Archaeology of Parchman Place, Coahoma County, Mississippi • Erin Stevens Nelson (PhD)

2016 • Loss and Discard of Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Archaeology of Catawba Foodways • Rosemarie Blewitt (MA)

2016 • The Archaeology of Monumental Architecture and the Social Construction of Authority at the Northern Maya Puuc Site of Kiuic • Tomás Gallareta Cervera (PhD)

2015 • Made in America? Ceramics, Credit, and Exchange on Chesapeake Plantations • Lindsay Carolyn Bloch (PhD)

2015 • Defending and Provisioning the Catawba Nation: An Archaeology of the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Communities at Nation Ford • Mary Elizabeth Fitts (PhD)

2015 • Community and Ritual on the Copacabana Peninsula (800 BC – AD 200) • Sara L. Juengst (PhD)

2015 • Social Identity Across Landscapes: Ancient Lives and Modern Heritage in a Q’eqchi’ Maya Village • Claire Novotny (PhD)

2014 • The Distributed Household: Plant and Mollusk Remains from K’axob, Belize • Maia Dedrick (MA)

2014 • Feasting and Communal Ritual in the Lower Mississippi Valley, AD 700-1000 • Megan Crandal Kassabaum (PhD)

2013 • Labor and the Rise of the Tiwanaku State (AD 500-1100): A Bioarchaeological Study of Activity Patterns • Sara Kathryn Becker (PhD)

2013 • An Epidemiological Transition in the Chinese Northern Zone • Elizabeth S. Berger (MA)

2013 • Another Kind of Beads: A Forgotten Industry of the North American Colonial Period • Duane Eugene Esarey (PhD)

2013 • Profiling Metabolic Stress in Medieval Denmark: An Analysis of Internal and External Enamel Defects • Marianne E. Reeves (PhD)

2012 • Home of the Living, Land of the Dead: Dwelling with the Bronze and Iron Age Tombs of Southern Burgundy • William J. Meyer Jr. (PhD)

2012 • Daily Life at Cerro León, an Early Intermediate Period Highland Settlement in the Moche Valley, Peru • Jennifer Elise Ringberg (PhD)

2012 • Gallinazo Phase Migration in the Moche Valley, Peru • Matthew Barker Fariss (PhD)

2011 • An Archaeological Study of Common Coarse Earthenware in the Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake • Lindsay Bloch (MA)

2011 • A Historical Archaeology of Catawba Itinerancy • Mark R. Plane (PhD)

2011 • Prehistoric Subsistence on the Coast of North Carolina: An Archaeobotanical Study • Kimberly Schaefer (PhD)

2011 • Domestic Activities and Household Variation at Catawba New Town, ca. 1790-1820 • Theresa McReynolds Shebalin (PhD)

2011 • Landscapes of Death, Monuments of Power: Mortuary Practice, Power, and Identity in Bronze-Iron Age Mongolia •  Erik G. Johannesson (PhD)

2010 • Reconstructing Social Shifts through Monumental Architecture: A Maya Palace-temple Case from Kiuic, Yucatan, Mexico. • Tomás Gallareta Cervera (MA)

2010 • Migration and Mobility in Imperial Rome • Kristina Killgrove (PhD)

2010 • Chipped Stone Technology and Agricultural Households in the Moche Valley, Peru • Evan William Surridge (MA)


2009 • A Struggle for Cherokee Community: Excavating Identity in Post-removal North Carolina • Lance Greene (PhD)

2009 • Choices on the Land: Identity, Influence, Power, and Conflict in a Historic Place • Michael O. Hartley (PhD)

2009 • Beneath an Earthen Countenance: The Architecture and Artifacts of the Moundville Earth Lodge Complex • Jared Matthew Mirarchi (MA)

2009 • Huaca de los Chinos: the Archaeology of a Formative Period Ceremonial Mound in the Moche Valley, Peru • John Gerald Pleasants, Jr. (PhD)

2009 • Production and Consumption at the Hillfort Site of Mont Dardon, France: An Archeobotanical Analysis • Amanda Tickner (PhD)

2008 • Exploring the Social Landscape of Cerro Leon: An Early Intermediate Period Site on the North Coast of Peru  • Barker Fariss (MA)

2008 • Cherokee Households and Communities in the English Contact Period, A.D. 1670-1740  • Jon Bernard Marcoux (PhD)

2008 • Contested Commons: The Historical Ecology of Continuity and Change in Basque Agro-pastoralism in the Baigorri Valley (France)  • David Seth Murray (PhD)

2008 • The American Yeoman: An Historical Ecology of Production in Colonial Pennsylvania • Michael D. Scholl (PhD)

2008 • Late Prehistoric Social Dynamics in the Northern Yazoo Basin • Erin L. Stevens (FSP)

2008 • Traditional Agriculture and Rural Living in Croatia: Compatible with the New CAP? • Laura Dominkovic (PhD)

2007 • Looking Beyond the Obvious: Identifying Patterns in Coles Creek Mortuary Data • Megan C. Kassabaum (FSP)

2006 • Daily life and the Development of the State in the Moche Valley of North Coastal Perú: A Bioarchaeological Analysis • Celeste Marie Gagnon (PhD)

2006 • Elite Mortuary Practices at San José de Moro During the Transitional Period: The Case Study of Collective Burial M-U615 • Julio Rucadado-Yong (MA)

2005 • The Archaeology of Town Creek: Chronology, Community Patterns, and Leadership at a Mississippian Town PART 1 and PART 2 • Edmond A. Boudreaux (PhD)

2005 • Gathering in the Late Paleoindian and Early Archaic Periods in the Middle Tennessee River Valley, Northwest Alabama • Kandace Detwiler Hollenbach (PhD)

2005 • Surviving the Little Ice Age: Family Strategies in the Decade of the Great Famine of 1693-1694 as Reconstructed through Parish Registers and Family Reconstitution • Elizabeth Anne Jones (PhD)

2005 • Between Plaza and Palisade: Household and Community Organization at Early Moundville • Gregory D. Wilson (PhD)

2004 • Ethnicity in Archaeological Context: a Review and a Case Study from Peru • James Andrew Kenworthy (MA)

2004 • Native Constructions of Landscapes in the Black Warrior Valley, Alabama, AD 1020-1520 • Mintcy D. Maxham (PhD)

2004 • The Cherokee Town at Coweeta Creek • Christopher Bernard Rodning (PhD)

2003 • Woodland Ceramics and Social Boundaries of Coastal North Carolina • Jospeh Miner Herbert (PhD)

2003 • Biological Distance and the Ethnolinguistic Classification of Late Woodland (AD 800-1650) Native Americans on the Coast of North Carolina • Ann M. Kakaliouras (PhD)

2003 • A Bioarchaeological Perspective on Wari Imperialism in the Andes of Peru: A View from Heartland and Hinterland Skeletal Populations • Tiffiny A. Tung (PhD)

2003 • Agricultural Intensification and the Emergence of Political Complexity in the Formative Sierra de los Tuxtlas, Southern Veracruz, Mexico • Amber M. VanDerwarker (PhD)

2003 • To Know the Brethren: a Biocultural Analysis of the W. Montague Cobb Skeletal Collection • Rachel Jeannine Watkins (PhD)

2001 • Bioarchaeology, Mortuary Patterning, and Social Organization at Town Creek • Elizabeth Monahan Driscoll (PhD)

2001 • Mortuary Patterns at the Irene Site, Chatham County, Georgia • John Gerald Pleasants, Jr. (MA)

2001 • All Heroes Think Alive: Kinship and Ritual in Baguazhang • Jeffrey Lee Takacs (PhD)

2000 • Power Runs in Many Channels: Subfloor Pits and West African-based Spiritual Traditions in Colonial Virginia • Patricia Merle Samford (PhD)

2000 • Kin-based Burial Groups in Hellenistic-early Roman (325 BC-AD 150) Cyprus: A Biodistance Analysis of Mortuary Organization • Tiffiny A. Tung (MA)

2000 • Late Prehistoric Settlement and Society in Southeastern Scotland • Alicia L. Wise (PhD)


1999 • Common Wares: Approaches to a Gallo-Roman Ceramic Assemblage • Sara Bon (PhD)

1999 • The Sara and Dan River peoples: Siouan communities in North Carolina’s interior piedmont from A.D. 1000 to A.D. 1700 • Jane M Eastman (PhD)

1999 • Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Period Aboriginal Settlement in the Catawba Valley, North Carolina PART 1 and PART 2 • David Gilbert Moore (PhD)

1997 • Transitions and Continuity: Earthenware and Stoneware Pottery Production in Nineteenth Century North Carolina • Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton (PhD)

1997 • Continuity and Change in the Washakie Basin, Wyoming: Interpreting Mobility from the Archaeological Record • Gerold Franklin Glover (PhD)

1996 • Time, Space, and Social Dynamics During the Hopewell Occupation of the American Bottom • Thomas O. Maher (PhD)

1996 • The Early to Middle Archaic Transition in the Georgia-Carolina Piedmont: A View from the Gregg Shoals Site • V. Anna Tippitt (PhD)

1995 • Constructing the Past: Communicating with Objects in Burgundian Archaeology Museums • Susan Elizabeth Wallace (PhD)

1994 • Hardaway Revisited: Early Archaic Settlement in the Southeast • I. Randolph Daniel (PhD)

1994 • Continuity and Change: The Zooarchaeology of Aboriginal Sites in the North Carolina Piedmont • Mary Ann Holm (PhD)

1993 • A Re-examination of the Concept of the Rribe: A Case Study from the Upper Yadkin Valley, North Carolina • Rhea J. Rogers (PhD)

1992 • Diet Optimization Models and Prehistoric Subsistence Change in the Eastern Woodlands • Paul S. Gardner (PhD)

1992 • Settlements of the Pee Dee culture • Billy L. Oliver (PhD)

1992 • Aboriginal Intersite Settlement System Change in the Northeastern North Carolina Piedmont During the Contact Period plus Supplementary Data • Daniel L. Simpkins (PhD)

1991 • The Live Oak: Symbol of the South Carolina Lowcountry • Lin Dunbar (MA)

1991 • Ecology of Sedentary Societies Without Agriculture: Paleoethnobotanical Indicators from Native California • Julia Elizabeth Hammett (PhD)

1991 • Many Choctaw Standing: An Inquiry into Culture Compromise and Culture Survival Reflected in Seven Choctaw Sties in East-Central Mississippi • Timothy Mooney (Fourth Semester Paper)

1990 • Seventeenth Century Lithic Technologies of the Piedmont Siouans • Jane M. Eastman (MA)

1990 • The south Beune valley (Perigord, France): A Spatial Analysis of Magdalentian Engraved and Painted Caves  • Elizabeth Malott Penton (PhD)


1989 • Late Prehistoric and Historic Period Paleoethnobotany of the North Carolina Piedmont • Kristen Johnson Gremillion (PhD)

1989 • Raised Up in Hard Times: Factors Affecting Material Culture on Upland Piedmont Farmsteads, Circa 1900-1940’s • Linda France Stine (PhD)

1988 • A Bioarchaeological Study of Mortuary Practice and Change Among the Piedmont Siouan Indians • Susan Homes Hogue (PhD)

1987 • Forager-Farmer Transitions in Coastal Prehistory • Paul R. Green (PhD)

1987 • The Cave Setting as Key to the Interpretation of European Upper Paleolithic Cave Painting, Drawing and Engraving • Elizabeth Malott Penton (MA)

1986 • Prehistoric Ozark Agriculture: the University of Arkansas Rockshelter Collections • Gayle Jeannine Fritz (PhD)

1986 • Ethnohistory of Aboriginal Landscapes and Land use in the Southeastern United States • Julia Elizabeth Hammett (MA)

1986 • Elizabethan Policies and Charles Town Colony: an Ethnohistorical-Archaelogical Approach • Michael O. Hartley, Sr.

1986 • Regional Archaeological Spatial Modeling: A Test case from the Upper Neuse River Basin, North Carolina • Scott L.H. Madry (PhD)

1985 • Faunal Remains from Two North Central Piedmont Sites • Mary Ann Holm (MA)

1985 • Puget Sound Prehistory: Postglacial Adaptations In the Puget Sound Basin With Archaeological Implications for a Solution to the “Cascade Problem” • John L. Mattson (PhD)

1984 • Aboriginal Use of Plant Foods and European Contact in the North Carolina Piedmont • Kristen Johnson Gremillion (MA)

1984 • An Ethnobotanical Study of Plant Food Remains from the Warren Wilson site (31Bn29), North Carolina: a Biocultural Approach • Daniel L. Simpkins (MA)

1983 • Variability among Unifacial Tools from the Hardaway site • Linda G. Hall (MA)

1983 • Arkietypes, American Folk Theories of Archaeology • Janet C. Hightower (MA)

1983 • The Paleoethnobotany of Oaxaca, Mexico • Margaret Snow Houston (PhD)

1983 • A Multiscalar Application of Remote Sensing in a Temperate Regional Archaeological Survey • Scott L.H. Madry (MA)

1983 • A Study of the Late Prehistoric, Protohistoric, and Historic Indians of the Carolina and Virginia Piedmont PART 1 and PART 2 • Jack H. Wilson, Jr. (PhD)

1982 • An Introduction to the Mortuary Practices of the Historic Sara • Liane Navey (MA)

1982 • An Analysis of Chicacon Settlement Patterns • Stephen Roberts Potter (PhD)

1982 • Shellfish gathering and shell midden archaeology • Gregory A. Waselkov (PhD)

1982 • Towards a synthetic approach to the Chesapeake tidewater: historic site patterning in temporal perspective • Kit W. Wesler (PhD)

1982 • An Analysis of Skeletal Material from Bwo67, Brunswick County, North Carolina • Homes Hogue Wilson (MA)

1981 • A Comparison of Two Pisgah Ceramic Assemblages • David Gilbert Moore (MA)

1981 • The Piedmont Tradition: Refinement of the Savannah River Stemmed Point Type • Billy L. Oliver (MA)

1980 • An Analysis of Dan River Ceramics from Virginia and North Carolina • Paul S. Gardner (MA)

1980 • Investigation of the Woodland period along the South Carolina coast • Michael Trinkley (PhD)

1980 • The Spatial Analysis of the Plow Zone Artifact Distributions from Two Village Sites in North Carolina • H. Trawick Ward (PhD)


1979 • Paleoethnobotany of the Kameda Peninsula Jomon • Gary William Crawford (PhD)

1979 • Cycles of Aggregation and Dispersal: The Dynamics of Settlement in Central Oaxaca, Mexico as Seen from the Miahuatlan Valley • Charles William Markman (PhD)

1978 • Evaluation of an Improved Proton Magnetometer at Prehistoric Town Creek, North Carolina • Marshall D. Graham (MA)

1978 • Dimensional Analysis of Variance: Notes on a Statistical Approach for the Identification of Artifact Association • Richard H. Kimmel (MA)

1977 • Prehistoric Races of Maize and Cultural Diffusion • Mary Eubanks Dunn (PhD)

1977 • Fluctuations in Sea Level in the Late Pleistocene and the Archaeological Potential of the Bering-Chukchi Platform • Donald H. Keith (MA)

1977 • Prehistoric Dan River Hunting Strategies • Gregory A. Waselkov (MA)

1977 • Feature Fill, Plant Utilization and Disposal Among the Historic Sara Indians • Jack H Wilson, Jr. (MA)

1976 • The Paleoethnobotany of the Hamanasuno Site, Hokkaido • Gary William Crawford (MA)

1976 • The Bussinger Site: A Multicomponent Site in the Saginaw Valley of Michigan with a Review of Early Late Woodland Mortuary Complexes in the Northeast Woodlands • John R. Halsey (PhD)

1976 • A Briefe and True Report …: an Archaeological Interpretation of the Southern North Carolina Coast • Thomas Coriell

1976 • An Ethnohistorical Examination of Indian Groups in Northumberland County, Virginia: 1608-1719 • Stephen Roberts Potter (MA)

1976 • A Typology of Thom’s Creek Pottery for the South Carolina Coast • Michael Trinkley (MA)

1975 • The Rose Island Site and the Cultural and Ecological Position of the Bifurcate Point Tradition in Eastern North America • Jefferson Chapman (PhD)

1975 • The Post-Archaic Occupation of Central South Carolina • George E. Stuart (PhD)

1974 • South Appalachian Earth Lodges • Daniel J. Crouch (MA)

1974 • Mural Painting at Tulum and Tancah, Quintana Roo, Mexico • Marla Korlin Hires (MA)

1974 • Gralisa Ceramic Group: a Graphite-and-Red-Painted Pottery from the Coast of Oaxaca • Margaret Snow Houston (PhD)

1974 • The Voice of the Neighbors: A Study of Tlapanec Community Boundaries and their Maintenance • Marion Oettinger, Jr. (PhD)

1974 • The Archaic Period in the Central Savannah River Area: A Study of Cultural Continuity and Innovation PART 1 and PART 2 • Richard L. Smith (PhD)

1973 • Tuscarora Political Organization, Ethnic Identity, and Sociohistorical Demography, 1711-1825 • Douglas W. Boyce (PhD)

1973 • The Icehouse Bottom Site, 40 Mr 23 • Jefferson Chapman (MA)

1973 • A Preliminary Archaeological and Ethnographic Analysis of Sabo Ceramics • Michael W. Corkran (MA)

1973 • On the Use of Contemporary Genetic Materials for Reconstruction of Evolutionary Processes and Events in Prehistoric Polynesian Populations • Ellen Louise Edgar (MA)

1973 • A Study of the Interrelationship of the Authentication of Zapotec Urns and the Evolution of Maize • Mary W. Eubanks (MA)

1973 • Dental Morphology, Attribution, and Pathology in Selected Skulls from Town Creek Indian Mound, Mount Gilead, North Carolina • Martha D. Graham (MA)

1973 • The Late Classic and Early Postclassic Ceramics from the Eastern Portion of the Oaxaca Coast • Robert James Long (MA)

1973 • Copena: A Tennessee Valley Middle Woodland Culture • John Allen Walthall (PhD)

1972 • The Direct Historical Approach in American Archaeology • Alexander Henderson Morrison (MA)

1971 • Notes on Tuscarora Political Organization, 1650-1713 • Douglas W. Boyce (MA)

1971 • Towards a Reconstruction of Creek and Pre-Creek Cultural Ecology • Veletta Canouts (MA)

1971 • Methods and Problems of Mound Excavation in the Southern Appalachian Area • Keith Touton Egloff (MA)

1971 • South Appalachian Mississippian • Leland Ferguson Greer (PhD)

1971 • Carved Stone Monuments from the Coast of OaxacaMaría Natalia Jorrín (MA)

1971 • The Calendar Of The Loxicha Villages: The Culture History Of A Present-Day Mesoamerican Ceremonial Almanac • Charles W. Markman (MA)

1970 • The Pisgah Culture and its Place in the Prehistory of the Southern Appalachians • Roy S. Dickens (PhD)

1970 • The Problem of Type in North American Archaeology • Janet C. Holley (MA)

1970 • Shell Midden Sites of the Harkers Island-North River Area, North Carolina • Thomas Corriell Loftfield (MA)

1970 • Archaeological Resources of the New Hope Reservoir Area, North Carolina • Olin F. McCormick III (MA)

1970 • Archaeological Skeletal Material: A Study in the Methods of Excavation, Preservation, Reassembly and Analysis • Jeannette R. Runquist (MA)

1970 • Salt as an Ecological Factor in the Prehistory of the Southeastern United States • Gloria J. Wentowski (MA)


1968 • A Comparative Synthesis of the Ceramics of the Middle Atlantic States Region • Vance Philip Packard (MA)

1968 • Test Excavations at the Lock Site (8Je57) Jefferson County, Florida • Richard Lee Smith (MA)

1968 • The Archaeology at the Roosevelt #2 Site • David Jay Wolf (MA)

1967 • An Analysis of Ceramics from Historic Cherokee Towns • Brian John Egloff (MA)

1967 • Pee Dee Pottery From the Mound at Town Creek • James Jefferson Reid, Jr. (MA)

1966 • An Archaeological Survey of Transylvania County, North Carolina • Patricia Padgett Holden (MA)

1965 • The Catawba Nation: A Social History • Charles Melvin Hudson (PhD)

1965 • An Archaeological Survey of the New Hope Valley • Gerald P. Smith (MA)


1959 • A Study of the Prehistory of the Roanoke Rapids Basin • Stanley A. South (MA)

1951 • The Sara Indians, 1540 – 1768: An Ethno-Archaeological Study • Ernest Lewis (MA