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Here are some resources that can be used to teach archaeology in a classroom setting.

Ancient North Carolinians: A Virtual Museum of North Carolina Archaeology
ANTH 148: Human Origins
Archaeology in 3D
Archaeology in 3D – Fossil Casts*
Archaeology Video Clips
A Walking Tour of Archaeological Sites at UNC Chapel Hill
Exploring Indigenous Cultures: Ancient North Carolinians, Past and Present NEW – LESSON PLANS!
InHerit: Indigenous Heritage Passed to Present
Intrigue of the Past: North Carolina’s First Peoples
Introduction to Moche Iconography
James Bell Bullit Collection of Paleolithic Artifacts
North Carolina Projectile Point Types – Photos from Daniel (2021)

*In addition, we have the Fossil Cast Collection that includes human crania and postcrania as well as nonhuman primates dating from roughly 35 million years BP to present. The collection is available for use to anyone in the Department of Anthropology, Curriculum in Archaeology, and other departments at UNC. 3D models of most casts can be accessed online.