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Below you will find various project and collection archives, non-RLA online publications, and compilations of historical maps, drawings, and narratives. To access other types of collections such as RLA artifact, photographic, fossil cast, and 3D image collections (including searchable databases), please visit our Collections and Publications pages.

Digital Records

Catawba Project Archives (password required)
Lower Mississippi Survey Archives
Douglas Rights Collection Digital Records
Archive of Moundville Archaeology
North Carolina Projectile Point Types – Photos from Daniel (2021) NEW!

Online Publications

North Carolina Archaeological Society Publications
Bureau of American Ethnology Publications
Museum of the American Indian Publications

Historical Maps and Drawings

Early Maps of the American South
Early Maps of the American Midwest and Great Lakes
Early Maps of Colonial Natchez
The Crown Collection of Photographs of American Maps
Colonial Louisiana: Early Architectural Drawings

Historical Narratives

The Discoveries of John Lederer, by John Lederer (1672)
The Journeys of James Needham and Gabriel Arthur (1674)
A New Voyage to Carolina, by John Lawson (1709)
Colonial Louisiana: Historical Narratives
Colonial Natchez: Early French Documents