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North America

Catawba Project (Steve Davis and Brett Riggs)
Catawba Vale Collaborative (Jennifer Gates-Foster and Christopher Witmore)
Craft Production and Trade at Moundville (Vin Steponaitis)
Feltus Project (Vin Steponaitis)
Historic Stagville (Anna Agbe-Davies)
Plant Remains from St. Catherine’s Island, Georgia (C. Margaret Scarry)
Siouan Project (Steve Davis)
Subsistence and Stability in Late Prehistoric and Early Historic North Carolina (Dale Hutchinson, C. Margaret Scarry, and Benjamin Arbuckle)
Zooarchaeology at the Berry Site (Heather Lapham)
Zooarchaeology at the Broad Reach Site (Heather Lapham)
Zapotec Zooarchaeology (Heather Lapham)

Latin America

Yucatec Cenotes Project (Patricia McAnany and Dylan Clark)
InHerit: Indigenous Heritage Passed to Present (Patricia McAnany)
Moche Origins Project (Brian Billman)
PACOY: Proyecto Arqueológico Colaborativo del Oriente de Yucatán (Patricia McAnany and Adolfo Ivan Batun Alpuche)

Europe and the Middle East

Azoria Project, Crete (Donald Haggis)
Burgundy Historical Landscapes Working Group (Scott Madry and Elizabeth Jones)
Central Anatolian Pastoralism Project (Benjamin Arbuckle)
Equid Exploitation and Horse Domestication in Ancient Anatolia (Benjamin Arbuckle)
Huqoq Excavation Project, Israel (Jodi Magness)
Integrated History and future of People on Earth (Carole Crumley)