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The following individuals are faculty in the Curriculum in Archaeology.


Anna Agbe-Davies

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Historical archaeology, plantation societies of the southeastern US and Caribbean, African diaspora

Alumni Hall 201B
(919) 962-5267

Benjamin S. Arbuckle

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Near Eastern archaeology, Turkey, origins and evolution of animal economies, animals in complex societies

Alumni Hall 306B
(919) 962-6574

Brian Billman

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology of chiefdoms & states, political economy, heritage, settlement patterns, Andes and US Southwest

Alumni Hall 401C
(919) 962-9348

Dr. Dylan Clark

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology and the Curriculum in Archaeology

Alumni Hall 211
(919) 962-0524

R. P. Stephen Davis

Associate Director, Research Labs of Archaeology; Adjunct Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, quantitative methods, computer applications, ceramic analysis, settlement systems, contact period, Southeastern United States

Alumni Hall 101
(919) 962-3845

Jennifer Gates-Foster

Associate Professor of Classics

Hellenistic and Roman Egypt and the Near East, Achaemenid Empire, ceramics, imperialism, frontier & border studies

Murphey Hall 212
(919) 962-7656

Donald Haggis

Professor of Classics; Nicholas A. Cassas Term Professor of Greek Studies

Bronze Age and Early Iron Age archaeology, ceramic studies, early states, eastern Mediterranean, Aegean

Murphey Hall 226
(919) 962-7640

Dale Hutchinson

Professor of Anthropology

Biological Anthropology, bioarchaeology, human osteology, disease and nutrition, contact period, southeastern United States, Bolivia

Alumni Hall 201C
(919) 962-3844

Heather A. Lapham

Research Archaeologist, Research Labs of Archaeology; Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, zooarchaeology, historic deer skin trade, culture contact, animal economies, southeastern United States, southern Mexico

Alumni Hall 107B
(919) 962-3843

Scott Madry

Research Associate Professor

Archaeology, settlement pattern analysis, predictive modeling, GIS/remote sensing, western Europe, southeastern US

Alumni Hall 108
(919) 962-6574

Jodi Magness

Kenan Professor of Religious Studies

Classical and Syro-Palestinian archaeology, ancient pottery, ancient synagogues, early Islamic settlement, Palestine

Saunders Hall 109
(919) 962-3928

Patricia McAnany

Kenan Eminent Professor of Anthropology

Cultural heritage, ancestor veneration, identity and gender, cacao production, Maya studies, Mesoamerica

Alumni Hall 211
(919) 962-0524

David Mora-Marín

Associate Professor of Linguistics, Archaeology, and Latin American Studies

Linguistic anthropology, historical linguistics, language and power, Mesoamerican/Mayan linguistics and epigraphy

Smith Hall 307
(919) 573-9511

John Scarry

Teaching Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Archaeological theory, cultural ecology, hierarchical societies, quantitative methods, contact period southeastern US

Alumni Hall 402B
(919) 962-3842

C. Margaret Scarry

Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, paleoethnobotany, subsistence economies, foodways, North America, Greek Aegean, complex societies

Alumni Hall 202A
(919) 962-3841

Laurie Cameron Steponaitis

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, hunter-gatherers, settlement systems, coastal adaptations, eastern North America

Alumni Hall 109B
(919) 962-6574


Vin Steponaitis

William E. Leuchtenburg Distinguished Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, complex societies, ceramic analysis, quantitative methods, Mississippian iconography; North America.

Alumni Hall 109B
(919) 962-6574

Silvia Tomášková

Professor of Anthropology, Chair of Women’s & Gender Studies

Archaeology, method & theory, gender & science, lithic technology, prehistoric imagery, central & eastern Europe

Smith Building 204
(919) 962-3364

Hérica Valladares

Assistant Professor of Classics

Hellenistic and Roman art, Campanian archaeology, image and text studies, gender theory, classical reception

Murphey Hall 212
(919) 962-7191