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The following individuals are faculty in the Curriculum in Archaeology.



Anna Agbe-Davies

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Historical archaeology, plantation societies of the southeastern US and Caribbean, African diaspora, classification and typology, heritage and museums

Alumni Hall 201B
(919) 962-5267

Benjamin Arbuckle

Professor of Anthropology

Near Eastern archaeology, Turkey, origins and evolution of animal economies, animals in complex societies, Neolithic archaeology, zooarchaeology, animal domestication

Alumni Hall 306B
(919) 962-6574

Brian Billman

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology of chiefdoms & states, political economy, heritage, settlement patterns, Andes and US Southwest

Alumni Hall 401C
(919) 962-9348

Rachel Briggs

Teaching Assistant Professor

Archaeology, foodways, gender, and identity, social complexity, hominy and maize, southeastern United States

Alumni Hall 409B

Mary Beth Fitts

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, foodways, coalescence, heritage management, southeastern United States

Alumni Hall 101C
(919) 843-0110

Jennifer Gates-Foster

Associate Professor of Classics

Hellenistic and Roman Egypt, Near East and North Africa, Achaemenid Empire, ceramics, seals and seal impressions, imperialism, frontier & border studies, ethnicity and identity

Murphey Hall 313
(919) 962-7656

Donald Haggis

Professor of Classics; Nicholas A. Cassas Term Professor of Greek Studies

Bronze Age and Early Iron Age archaeology, ceramic studies, early states, eastern Mediterranean, Aegean

Murphey Hall 318
(919) 962-7640

Heather Lapham

Associate Director, Research Labs of Archaeology; Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, zooarchaeology, colonial-era deerskin trade, urban animal economies, creation and use of secondary animal products, collections curation, exhibit design, Southeastern United States, Southern Mexico (Oaxaca)

Alumni Hall 107B
(919) 962-3843

Scott Madry

Research Associate Professor

Archaeology, settlement pattern analysis, predictive modeling, GIS/remote sensing, western Europe, southeastern US

Alumni Hall 108
(919) 962-6574

Jodi Magness

Kenan Professor of Religious Studies

Classical and Syro-Palestinian archaeology, ancient pottery, ancient synagogues, early Islamic settlement, Palestine

Carolina Hall 223
(919) 962-3928


Jon Marcoux

Director, Research Labs of Archaeology; Chair, Curriculum in Archaeology; Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology


Alumni Hall 108
(919) 962-6574

Patricia McAnany

Kenan Eminent Professor of Anthropology

Cultural heritage, ancestor veneration, identity and gender, cacao production, Maya studies, Mesoamerica

Alumni Hall 211
(919) 962-0524

David Mora-Marín

Professor of Linguistics, Archaeology, and Latin American Studies

Linguistic anthropology, historical linguistics, language and power, Mesoamerican/Mayan linguistics and epigraphy

Smith Hall 307
(919) 573-9511

Timothy Shea

Assistant Professor of Classical Archaeology

Archaeology, art, and topography, ancient Greece, Archaeological and historical applications of GIS, landscape archaeology, the reception of Greek antiquity

Murphey Hall 225
(919) 962-7191

Doug Smit

Teaching Assistant Professor

Alumni Hall 409A


Vin Steponaitis

William E. Leuchtenburg Distinguished Professor of Anthropology

Archaeology, complex societies, ceramic analysis, quantitative methods, Mississippian iconography; North America.

Alumni Hall 109B
(919) 962-6574

Hérica Valladares

Assistant Professor of Classics

Hellenistic and Roman art, Campanian archaeology, image and text studies, gender theory, classical reception

Murphey Hall 312
(919) 962-7191