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Jean Black

Research Associate

Off campus

Lindsay C. Bloch

Research Associate

Historical archaeology, craft production, ceramic technology, archaeometry, plantation archaeology, African diaspora

Off campus

Rachel V. Briggs

Teaching Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Foodways, gender, and identity; social complexity and the emergence of complex societies; hominy and maize; Mississippian, proto-historic, and historic periods in the Southeastern United States

Alumni 409H

Dylan Clark

Research Associate

Off campus

Drew Coleman

Professor of Geological Sciences

Geoarchaeology, Isotope geochemistry, geochronology

Mitchell Hall 325
(919) 962-0705

David J. Cranford

Research Associate

Household archaeology, coalescence and ethnogenesis, lithic and ceramic analysis, pXRF analysis, public archaeology, southeastern US

Off campus

Eric Deetz

Teaching Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Historical archaeology, material culture of western Europe, North America

Alumni Hall 112
(919) 962-6574

Kathleen DuVal

Professor of History

Ethnohistory, American Indians, gender, North America

Hamilton Hall 466
(919) 962-5545

Mary Elizabeth Fitts

Research Associate

Historical Archaeology, archaeobotany, spatial analysis and GIS, public archaeology, eastern North America

Off Campus

Elizabeth Jones

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Historical Anthropology of Europe, Ethnohistory, historical demography, historical ecology, GIS landscape studies

Off campus

Catharine Judson

Research Associate

Greek archaeology, Early Iron Age, settlement development, ceramics

Off Campus

Bennie Keel

Research Associate; Director, Southeast Archaeological Center (retired)

Prehistoric archaeology, historic archaeology, public archaeology, southeastern United States

Off campus

Valerie Lambert

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Cultural anthropology, American Indians, tribal sovereignty, nation building and tribal governance, United States

Alumni Hall 413B
(919) 843-7808

Anselmo Lastra

Professor of Computer Science

Computer graphics, image-based rendering, 3-D architectural modeling

Sitterson Hall 238
(919) 962-1958

Wayne Lee

Professor of History

Early modern military history, history of violence, archaeology, North America, Atlantic, northern Albania

Hamilton Hall 400
(919) 768-8079

Malinda Maynor Lowery

Professor of History; Director, Southern Oral History Program

Native American history, oral history, southern history, southeastern North America

Hamilton Hall 474
(919) 962-2115

Erin Stevens Nelson

Research Associate

Archaeology, complex societies, community and identity studies, foodways, GIS and spatial analysis, southeastern US

Off campus

Theda Perdue

Professor Emerita of History

Ethnohistory, Cherokees, Native American women, southeastern United States

Off campus

John G. Pleasants, Jr.

Visiting Scholar, Archaeology

Archaeology, complex societies, architecture and culture, , GIS, Central Andes

Off campus

Theresa McReynolds Shebalin

Research Associate

Archaeology, spatial analysis & GIS, soil chemistry, public outreach, K-12 curriculum development, southeastern US

Off campus

Donna Surge

Professor of Geological Sciences

Paleoclimatology, paleoecology of shellfish and finfish, low-temperature geochemistry, archaeological geology

Mitchell Hall 225
(919) 843-1994

Richard Talbert

Kenan Professor of History and Classics

History of the classical world, Greek and Roman spatial perceptions, ancient mapping

Hamilton Hall 516
(919) 962-3942

Gabrielle Vail

Research Associate

Archaeology and ethnohistory, cultural astronomy, Maya codices, cultural heritage, social identity, textile technologies, Mesoamerica, Andes

Off campus