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UNC Press Publications
These books were written by Research Laboratories of Archaeology (RLA) staff and published by the University of North Carolina Press. All of the books are available for purchase through the Press’s website or other online vendors

RLA Monographs and Reports

RLA Monograph Series
Publications in this series by the RLA contain research syntheses, public outreach projects, and other comprehensive studies. Out of print volumes are available for download free of charge. In print volumes may be ordered from the RLA using the Publications Order Form.


RLA Research Reports
Reports in this series discuss the findings of archaeological excavations and research projects undertaken by the RLA between 1984 and present. They are available for free download. Reports published in the past two decades contain full color plates.

Check out the latest reports published in 2015 about Native American lifeways in the Lower Catawba River Valley…

NEW! Research Report No. 37 – Archaeology at Ayers Town • R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr., Brett H. Riggs, and David J. Cranford (download associated database files here).

Research Report No. 36 – Archaeology at Ashe Ferry • Brett H. Riggs, R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr., and Mary Elizabeth Fitts (download associated database files here).


RLA Technical Reports
Reports in this series present the findings of archaeological surveys and test excavations completed by the RLA between 1983 and present. Most Technical Reports are available for free download in PDF format.

In addition, the following two reports describe the results of an extensive project that classified nearly 48,000 projectile points from over 2,800 archaeological sites in North Carolina to provide more detailed information about site age and cultural affiliation:

Technical Report No. 19 – The Projectile Point Classification Project (Phase I) • R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr. and I. Randolph Daniel, Jr. (1990)

Technical Report No. 26 – The Projectile Point Classification Project (Phase II) • I. Randolph Daniel, Jr. and R.P. Stephen Davis, Jr. (1996)


RLA Miscellaneous Reports
These reports discuss the findings of archaeological survey, testing, and excavations undertaken by the RLA between 1973 and 1985. Follow the link above to download any of the Miscellaneous Reports.


Southern Research Reports
These reports were published as an occasional monograph series in the 1990s by UNC’s Center for the Study of the American South (and its predecessors) in cooperation with the Academic Affairs Library and the RLA. Follow the link above to download free of charge any of the Southern Research Reports.


North Carolina Archaeology (formerly Southern Indian Studies)
This journal, dating back to 1949, is published jointly by the RLA and the North Carolina Archaeological Society. All volumes (with the exception of the two most recent issues) are available online free of charge.


Archaeological Post Analysis (plug-in for ArcGIS)
Developed at UNC–Chapel Hill in 2005, this plug-in can be used with ArcGIS software to help identify walls and other structural alignments of postholes in archaeological maps. Follow the above link to download this free software.