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The Timothy P. Mooney Travel Award offers support for UNC-CH archaeology graduate students traveling to scholarly conferences. Graduate students who are presenting papers, posters, or other scholarly work about their archaeological research may apply for $250 in travel support. The actual award amount will depend upon the number of qualified applicants in each budget cycle.

To apply, please submit the following items as a single PDF file to Dr. Margaret Scarry (

1. Application form;
2. A copy of the conference program (preliminary program is acceptable) listing your participation; and
3. The abstract of your paper or poster.

Students may apply once per academic year. Applications are reviewed three times a year: September 15, November 15, and February 15 annually.


Post-Travel Instructions for Award Recipients

If you receive a Travel Award, please follow the instructions below upon returning from your travel:

1. Email a synopsis or abstract of your conference paper/poster, identifying the name and location of the conference, to Dr. Heather Lapham ( for posting on the Archaeology@Carolina website and the RLA’s Facebook page (Photos are encouraged!);
2. Bring back an original program from the conference that lists your presentation;
3. Download and complete the travel reimbursement form;
4. Collect your original receipts for all expenses claimed. Please print out any e-receipts (such as plane tickets purchased online). Please circle totals on receipts (do not use a highlighter; they are difficult to read on photocopies and scans). You only need to submit receipts for expenses totaling the amount of your award; and
5. Submit the completed travel reimbursement form along with original receipts and conference program to the RLA’s Administrative Manager, Barbara Carson (, in Alumni Hall 108 within 30 days of your return.